Sleeveless dress gathered bodice

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I find the dress very nice, both for the color of the fabric, both as it is well worn. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Measure the circumference of the breast, the circumference of the hips, the length you want and the length of the bodice titale you want for the dress. Cut a rectangle of lycra, as wide as the circumference of the hips and as long as the desired lunghzza apparel plus 3 inches. If the person has the bust much narrower hips, cut lycra trapezoidal. If the fabric is very transparent, you need to get other stuff which is very light and very elastic like Lycra. In case you need to add the lining: put the Lycra fabric for the lining and the face to facet, and sew along one side corresponding to the width of the dress, and the 2 long sides corresponding to the height. Cut the lining 3 inches shorter than the fabric. Turn it all. Now take the elastic thread for the sewing machine and wrap it at the bobbin that goes under the sewing machine, pulling it slightly. Choose a thread color similar to the cloth. Take the fabric and put it under the foot of the sewing machine with the face upwards ( if you have lining the fabric, take the side sewn corresponding to the length of the dress). Select a straight stitch. Start sewing, and remember to tie a knot between the wire and the colored elastic thread, each time at the beginning and finde the line of stitching. Sew 4 rows and then leave a part, without lines. This part should be as high as the measure of the height of the breast plus 2 or 3 inches approx. Then start to sew the rows. Sewing these at a distance of 1/4 inch from each other. And do as many rows as the length from the underbust to waist. Then remove the bobbin under the sewing machine and replace it with another with the same colored thread used to sew. Now join sides of the fabric, matching the height of the dress and make hem of the desired size. (I apologize for not very clear explanations, but I know that I don't have good English)

What you will need

  • Fantasy colored Lycra
  • lightweight lycra for the lining
  • elastic thread for sewing machine
  • colored thread.

Q&A with Vivi79

Korissa2 asked:
Nice job! I love the fabric too!
Vivi79 answered:
Thank you!!! ^__^
DR. Reed asked:
Beautiful fabric and dress. I love it! Oh and your english is really not bad at all. ;) thanks for sharing.
Vivi79 answered:
Thank you, you are very kind.
DR. Reed asked:
Oh yes do you have another set of straps on the dress, in case you want to wear it over your shoulders in stead of around ones neck? ;D
Vivi79 answered:
Yes, the fact that what I proposed to my colleague, I had thought. But she wanted to keep the dress as well. ^__^