Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

Food Function Flow: Sleep Workshop

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio
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Pam Anderson shows you how to start your day with a calming 'Black Forest Smoothie', made with sleep-promoting ingredients like tart cherries, banana, cocoa, milk, and a dash of almond extract, setting the tone for a restful day leading to a good night's sleep.
In Pam Anderson's cooking video, you learn to sear flavorful ground turkey burgers alongside other ingredients known to promote a good night's sleep.
Pam Anderson teaches you how to effectively sear various cuts of meat, such as salmon, chicken, pork, and steak, highlighting the method's ability to transform everyday meals into unique culinary experiences.
Learn how to create a calming, sleep-inducing desserts for a flavorful and relaxing finish to your day.
Dr. Kristen Bentson provides insight into the importance of quality sleep as a fundamental pillar of health, explaining its influence on various conditions from heart disease to autoimmune conditions, and guides you on how to improve your sleep patterns to enhance overall well-being, manage weight, and mitigate the impacts of high cortisol and insulin levels caused by inadequate sleep.
Dr. Kristen Bentson provides you with a comprehensive guide on improving your sleep quality.
In Dr. Kristen Bentson's instructional video, she advises you on several supplements and methods to enhance sleep.
Dr. Kristen Bentson educates you on leveraging food as a powerful sleep aid ultimately illustrating how our diet directly influences our sleep quality and overall health.
Laurel Attanasio guides a yoga session focused on transitioning from the day into the evening ritual aiming to help you slow down, focus on your breath, release tension, and move towards a better night's sleep.
This video is the conclusion to the Food, Function, Flow Healthy Sleep Workshop.
10 Lessons
1  hrs 5  mins

This workshop will give you practical, holistic approaches to sleep that works.

In this kitchen lesson, you’ll be inspired to try new ingredients, especially those that promote sleep.
Wanna learn to sear and sauce? Here’s your chance!

Learn the 5 best strategies for getting to sleep and sleeping through the night. Get to know the best foods, botanicals, and supplements to support the zzz’s.

Getting on your mat in the evening provides a distinct transition from fast to slow, from movement to stillness. This yoga flow will prepare you for restful sleep.

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

Something sparked on the day a health-conscious NYT bestselling cookbook author, a functional health & nutrition expert, and a world-traveling yoga instructor came together to create a wellness event. These three women — Pam Anderson, Dr. Kristen Bentson and Laurel Attanasio — with vastly different backgrounds, quickly learned that their combined years of experience created the perfect balance for individuals to learn how to cultivate a lifestyle of wellness in food, function, and flow.

Dr. Kristen Bentson, Pam Anderson and Laurel Attanasio

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