Kate Atherley

Fall Knit-Along 2016: Accessories

Kate Atherley
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Kick off class by learning about the yarn you can use to create your cowl, hat and fingerless mittens.
Meet Kate Atherley and get a closer look at how this free knit-along class works. Then, Kate will review the beautiful knit projects you'll learn to make.
Dive into the first knit accessory, a lovely lace cowl. You'll learn a versatile cast-on and become comfortable reading lace charts and working lace with decreases and yarn overs.
To complete your cowl, Kate will show you the flexible Russian lace bind-off that makes it easy to slip the accessory on and off. Then, you'll see how to block your lace to perfection, and Kate will give you some fun homework so you can start making your cabled hat as soon as the next month's lessons are released.
In the second month, you'll learn to make a beautiful hat. Kate will share tricks for using a cabling needle after taking a deeper look at cable charts.
Switch things up by using double-pointed needles to work decreases in the crown of the hat as you continue the cabled pattern. Next, Kate will show you a tip for blocking using a balloon! Plus, you'll discover how to measure for the fingerless mittens you'll be starting in the next set of lessons.
For the last month of the knit-along, you'll make a pair of cozy fingerless mittens. Kate will walk you through managing two colors at a time with stranded knitting and show you how to hold the yarn to suit your knitting style.
In the final lesson, you'll create a well-fitting thumb for your fingerless mittens before Kate shows you techniques to achieve a polished finish.
8 Lessons
2  hrs 9  mins

Create three charming accessories to gift or keep for yourself. Knit along with designer Kate Atherley to make a cabled hat, a lacy cowl and a pair of colorful mitts.

Note: Kits are no longer available, but you can still knit along with Kate using your own yarn and the included patterns.

Kate Atherley

Kate Atherley learned to knit at a young age from her immensely talented grandmother, Hilda. However, her immersion in knitting didn't take full hold until after university, when she found herself with lots of spare time and a yarn shop around the corner. Kate started with knitting socks, then designing socks, and today, she's a knitting teacher, designer, technical editor and author. Her books include "Beyond Knit & Purl" and "Knit Accessories: Essentials & Variations."

Kate Atherley

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9 Responses to “Fall Knit-Along 2016: Accessories”

  1. Nathalie Gentile

    I'm knitting the cowl. I have 88 stiches, based on the pattern, the third row says it requires 8 stiches, but in reality, it uses 9 since I have a K2tog. When I reach the end, it doesn't finish right, I don't have enough stiches to do a whole piece of the pattern. What I understand is: 3 first stiches as knit, k2tog (uses 2 stiches), yo (uses 1 stich), do another 3 knits = 9 not 8. I'm am missing something?

  2. Sophia Hunter

    I had a question about yarn. I am trying to use another brand and I have a mc and a cc for the fingerless mittens. I think it is a DK weight; does that matter? If it does matter should I change needle size or number of cast ons. Also each ball of yarn is 50 GR 106 M. I'm not sure if that is enough for two mittens?

  3. midnightmercy@aol.com

    I knit my first row flat make an extra stitch which i knit together with the first stitch to close the round. If the cast on end is a bit longer just knit the first round with 2 threads which makes a nice sturdy edge and after all you can just cut it because its already woven in. But cut at the end so you can use for orientation inside the pattern

  4. Cynthia Belcher

    I might have missed it but do I take the first lifeline out and put it in at each new start of the pattern?

  5. Joyce Lofton

    Love this pattern. I knitted the first glove with my mc in my right hand and the cc in my left hand and was consistent throughout that glove. Then I got idea that it might be more efficient to put the mc in my left and cc in my right. So, I knitted the second glove that way and I was consistent thoughout that glove. When I was finished, the second glove is bigger than the first.my question is..is size influenced by which yarn is on top. I can't understand why one glove is larger..all things being equal except I changed the position of yarn. The other explanation is i knitted looser on the second glove. Thanks for the great video.


    I don't understand the fingerless mitt directions for the lower hand. It reads: "Next round: Working from chart, work Color Pattern 6 times around. Work as set until you have completed 1 full repeat of the pattern, and then work 5 more rounds." Does this mean that I work 6 rounds twice (1 through 6 on the chart, skipping 7 and 8) and then knit 5 rounds (1-5) or does it mean knit 6 rounds and then knit rounds 7 and 8 and then again rounds 1-8 and then 1-5? I'm really confused. Please help!

  7. Mario Durocher

    Is the Cloudborn yarn kit still available?

  8. Susan

    Since I have to do a larger size and I'm using 56 stitches - I don't come out with multiples of 8 on each needle - I ended up with 18 stitches per needle to get the right size. What do I do now about the chart work?

  9. Linda Moore

    My hat is finished but it is about 3 sizes too big! How can I resize the pattern to fit a child's head?

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