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Easy Substitutions

Robin Miller
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Teriyaki-seasoned beef that's scented with garlic, chilies, and cilantro, served over nutty sesame noodles, and garnished with crunchy sesame seeds. Twist the noodles into the beef and you will enjoy a blast of flavor and texture in every bite. Ready in 20 minutes, this is the ultimate weeknight meal. And it's made with 8 ingredients!
Lively, brothy blend of seared steak, a aromatic vegetables, tender potatoes, and fluffy rice. This hearty, classic soup is light yet satisfying, made in one pot, and ready in about 30 minutes!
This juicy chicken is pan-seared and then simmered in a velvety sauce made with basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and a little cream. I basically named the entire ingredient list and this one-pan meal is ready in about 20 minutes.
This saucy dish boasts pan-seared chicken in a dreamy, creamy sauce that's scented with herbs and parmesan cheese, and speckled with sun dried tomatoes and red pepper flakes. This is the ultimate, one-pan, weeknight meal - whether you're seeking a proposal or not!
These spicy noodles are insane! They have a nice kick from gochujang, and they're totally alive with flavor thanks to soy, sesame, lime juice, and peanut butter! Easy, vegetarian, healthy, and ready in minutes.
Sweet, smoky, spicy, and alive, these shimmering noodles are brimming with cilantro, green onions, and chili flakes! And the sauce is crafted by adding hot oil, which creates a sizzling presentation. This dish is as much fun to prepare as it is to eat!
8 Lessons
1  hrs 17  mins

Do you often look at recipes and think, “I’d love to make this, but it has ___”? Fill-in-the-blank and it’s often gluten, carbs, dairy, nuts, and other food intolerances. That brings us to this revolutionary class. In each session, we’ll create a mouth-watering weeknight meal that boasts a variety of substitution options. No matter what your preference, you’ll be able to make each meal with ease.

I have a passion for crafting meals that appeal to the masses, so if gluten is your nemesis, we’ll find an alternative. If you’re allergic to eggs, we’ll dodge them completely. Same with nuts and dairy. In every recipe, I will discuss the ingredients used, and give plenty of replacements so you can construct the meal of your dreams. In session one, we’ll pile teriyaki-scented beef onto shimming, sesame-laced noodles to make Chili Garlic Beef and Noodles. The dish is gluten-free-friendly and completely customizable to suit your culinary wishes. Session two features Chilean Carbonada, a classic Chilean stew boasting lean steak, vegetables, rice, and a savory, herby broth. Made in one pot, gluten-free, and perfect for the whole family. Session three features Creamy Pesto chicken, a skillet chicken dish that’s bursting with flavor and color thanks to basil pesto and fresh tomatoes. The meal is gluten-free, low-carb and ready in a flash. In session four, we master Marry Me Chicken, a low-carb skillet dish consisting of golden chicken in a rich, sun-dried tomato studded cream sauce. Session five comes alive with Spicy Gochujang Noodles, fiery noodles laced with gochujang and nut butter. These dairy-free, vegetarian, gluten-free-friendly noodles are sweet, savory, and hot at the same time. In session six, we keep the heat alive with Hot Chili Oil Noodles. This show-stopping dish features sizzling, seasoned oil tossed with rice noodles and aromatics.

I hope you join me for this fun trip around the globe – a recipe journey that suits all food preferences.

Robin Miller

Robin Miller has been a TV personality, food writer, and nutritionist since 1990 and she is the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestseller, Quick Fix Meals. Robin is currently writing and photographing her eleventh cookbook. Her popular show, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller, aired on Food Network for five years. All six seasons are currently streaming on Discovery+. Robin has two cooking shows streaming on, Real Life Cooking and Efficient Weeknight Cooking. Robin also regularly hosts LIVE cooking classes and tutorials on the Craftsy platform.

Robin Miller

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