Aurora Sisneros

Half Square Triangle Quilt

Aurora Sisneros
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Meet Aurora Sisneros, who will talk about how to read the ruler once you've decided what size block you want. She'll cut corresponding strips from fabric using a rotary cutter and ruler. Then she'll stack the strips, and use the fancy triangle ruler to cut the Half Square Triangles (HSTs).
Aurora talks about what a quarter inch foot is. She'll show how to make a pile of your squares, and sew them over and over into bunting, how to clip them all apart and get them stacked for ironing. She will also show you the trick to ironing FAST and lastly, trim the extra off each block.
What's the deal with bulk? Why is it important? In this session Aurora will start joining blocks together, and talking about which way to iron them and will make a mini quilt!!
Aurora will talk about how to lay your backing face down, your batting next, and your top quilt last, finally safety pin the whole thing! Then, let's quilt it! Show how to stitch in the ditch and how to do 1" lines! THEN, she will finish that last unsewn line on the big quilt so you can see how to manage the BULK.
In this session you will see how Aurora cut the strips, joins them together and finally irons them. She will get started on the mini quilt and then will transition to the big one.
Now that the binding is all sewn on, it's time to pin to do the very last stitch! Aurora will show how you can really only do 1 corner at a time since you are limited by pins.
Meet your Instructor, Aurora Sisneros.
7 Lessons
1  hrs 38  mins

What if all you needed was JUST ONE quilt block to make dozens of different quilts?

Welcome to the class that will teach you how to make the most versatile quilt block you’ve ever seen! Not only does this block give you multiple quilt layout options, it is also quick and easy to make.

This class will show you how easy it is to make half square triangle blocks using the right tools, such as a half square triangle ruler, a quarter-inch quilting foot, curved safety pins, clear rotary rulers and more.

Once you’ve learned the secret to cutting these blocks in mass quantities, you can make them in different sizes and combinations to make and endless number of projects!

With this class you will also receive a step-by-step full quilt tutorial along with an article discussing the versatility of these quilts.

Aurora Sisneros

Aurora Sisneros is the owner of Fabric Bliss, a yarn and fabric shop in Denver. She left her fast-paced job as an IT professional with a mission to share the cathartic crafts she loves. For Aurora, knitting has been an absolute blessing, and she's passionate about bringing that experience to her students. She teaches knitting at her shop, as well as crochet, sewing, quilting and tatting. Aurora is driven to help students find joy in what they're doing, and she's delighted to teach and provide "tech support" on Craftsy!

Aurora Sisneros

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