Gemma Stafford

Bold Baking Academy: Special Occasion Desserts

Gemma Stafford
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We love crème brulee here at Bigger Bolder Baking. It is so simple and yet the epitome of elegance with its refined and rich yet light and silky texture. All that and then the bittersweet crunch of caramelized sugar gives it that perfect, sophisticated edge. It is just the thing to end a fancy meal. It’s not too filling and it never fails to send us off to dessert bliss! In the class video, we will go step by step and really take the time to understand how to temper eggs, how to properly cook a custard and how to tell exactly when it’s ready. Finally, you will learn how to use a kitchen torch to get that lovely crispy burnt sugar crust that is a must have when making crème brûlée ! By the end of the video, we hope that you will be able to make this amazing dessert (or any crème brûlée) for your next special occasion with full confidence!
Soufflé is a dessert that is centuries old but still beloved and never fails to impress. There are probably as many variations on this dessert as there are years that it has been in existence. Once you have mastered soufflé making, you can use this as a delicious starting point for all of your creative culinary inspirations! Whether you’ve never made a soufflé or want just to build your confidence, this course is going to give you the information and experience you need. In the class video, you will learn all the tricks to making a perfect soufflé, from how to prepare your ramekins to everything about whipping and incorporating egg whites. You will also learn how to properly fill your ramekins and know exactly when they are done. By the end of this class, we hope that you’ll be able to take the techniques you have learned here out into the great wide world of soufflés!
Light, airy, intense chocolate mousse has been enjoyed by lucky diners since at least the mid-18th century, if not before, and is still a very special dessert for good reason! If you are a chocolate fan, this is the ultimate dessert experience. Its three layers of chocolate make it dramatically decadent, both visually and in flavor. It is the perfect cake to elevate any event to a true celebration! Through making this cake, we will revisit properly whipping egg whites and folding in yolks. We will be going over melting chocolate, both dark and white, learning how to correctly bloom and incorporate gelatin and how to perfectly whip cream. Our goal for you is to feel a growing ease and confidence as you revisit previously learned techniques to solidify your experience while also learning some new skills. A few more steps, a little more time and we will see how the best things come to those who wait!
3 Lessons
1  hrs 55  mins

If you have ever wondered how to make a special occasion dessert, or looked at a fancy recipe and felt overwhelmed by the steps or technique, by the end of this course, through learning three specific recipes with me, you will gain experience and learn techniques that will apply to many other recipes you may want to try.

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Gemma Stafford

For a decade, Irish-born chef Gemma Stafford has been bringing her passion for teaching people to bake with confidence to her online baking show and brand, “Bigger Bolder Baking.” Gemma’s unique combination of expertise, bold recipes, and approachable techniques have led to appearances as a judge on Netflix’s “Nailed It!”, Food Network’s “Best Baker in America,” and Hulu’s “Baker’s Dozen.”

Gemma Stafford

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