Pot of Gold Cookie Decorating

Get ready to create cookie mischief with Anne Yorks! Join us as Anne demonstrates how to craft these adorable lucky treats.

Download the step out instructions and recipes for the cookies here!

Download Pot of Gold Cookie Instructions

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5 Responses to “Pot of Gold Cookie Decorating”

  1. Tabitha

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  2. Tabitha

    Here are her icing bags https://flourbox.com/products/sample-pack-tipless-icing-bags-5-13-large-and-5-10-medium?_pos=3&_sid=1af89c6cc&_ss=r

  3. Tabitha

    Join her Flour Box Club. It's amazing! https://flourbox.com/products/flour-box-club-subscription-box

  4. Betty

    How much does it cost to join? in crafty.com.

  5. Marilyn

    Do I have to be a member of Craftsy to watch this?