Stephanie Kappel

Better Basics for Exceptional Cookies

Stephanie Kappel
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Meet cookie artist Stephanie Kappel and get started as she shares the five top considerations for great cookie design. You'll be able to apply these techniques to make clean, polished cookies, no matter your skill level!
Discover how to make perfect royal icing in any climate! Stephanie shares the five icing consistencies that will immediately improve your decorating. She'll even show you how to analyze and adjust your consistencies to achieve the clean, flawless results your cookie dreams are made of.
In this lesson, Stephanie shares her four keys to achieving perfectly piped lines: pressure, height, aligning speed and pressure, and piping order.
Find out how to use each of Stephanie's three flood consistencies to design efficiently and accurately. And, tackle some of the most common flood icing issues; you'll never have underfilled cookies again!
Stephanie reveals her secret to making flawless dots, big and small. See how to use them in your designs to create movement, shapes, texture and more!
Finally, try your hand at writing, from cursive to print, big or small. You'll start by conquering your own handwriting before working your way through a variety of different styles. The choices are endless, so have fun with them!
6 Lessons
2  hrs 48  mins

Master simple techniques to decorate your most perfect and precise cookies.

Ready to push yourself to perfection and master basic design techniques? Cookie artist Stephanie Kappel breaks down a variety of essential decorating techniques to elevate your cookie-decorating execution. Master skills such as piping and flooding, then pipe smooth lines, dots and writing to create flawless works of edible art. With Stephanie’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll be decorating perfectly precise cookies in a snap!

Stephanie Kappel

Stephanie Kappel is the owner of The Hungry Hippopotamus, a hand-decorated cookie business and the perfect fusion of her technical expertise, artistic expression and visible affection. Stephanie has taught her techniques all over the world, from art conventions such as CookieCon to Cookie’sCool, Europe’s first cookie decorating event. Her work has been featured on TV programs such as "ABC Action News" and in publications including American Cake Decorating, Southern Living and more.

Stephanie Kappel

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