Ashley Hough

Sew Your Own Designer Handbag

Ashley Hough
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In this session you will get a detailed look at the handbag being sewn and see what pattern pieces are needed. You will also see what materials and supplies are needed to construct the purse including different types of fabric, zippers and other purse hardware as well as tools like presser feet, rotary cutters and binder clips.
In this session you will get step-by-step purse construction instructions. Ashley uses different colored fabrics for the outer, inner and lining sections of the purse making it easy to differentiate the pieces and follow along as you assemble the purse from start to finish.
In this session you will see how to create one of the several different purse front design options. Learn how to use the raw edges of different fabric to add a design element as well as see how to add optional corner designs and handle attachments.
In this session you will learn how to create another purse front design option using several different colored and textured fabrics. You will also see different purse handle options and learn how to attach them using buckles.
In this session you will learn how to create a third front design option using unconventional fabric and decorative purse hardware. You will also learn how to install purse feet as well as optional purse closures.
6 Lessons
2  hrs 9  mins

Getting the look of a designer handbag doesn’t have to cost a lot of money — you can make your own! In this class you will learn how to make a handbag with two large zipper pocket sides and a roomy middle compartment.

Instructor Ashley Hough will take you step by step through construction of the handbag, showing how to first practice with a lightweight cotton. You will learn how to sew the purse as well as how important it is to think ahead when it comes to construction techniques in order to know when to incorporate finishing touches such as top stitching.

Ashley will then take you through the various fabrics you can use to create a designer look, including vinyl, suede cloth and even Spandex-blend fabrics. In addition to teaching how to insert zippers into your bag, Ashley will show how to use other handbag hardware such as purse feet, buckles, magnets, handles, clasps and studs.

Ashley shares many other ideas on how you can further customize your handbag by changing small elements such as zipper pulls.

After showing you how to construct the handbag, Ashley will go over several different front design options. Each option uses different fabrics, embellishments or hardware, so you can make each one and have several designer-look handbags by the end of the class.

As part of the class you will also receive downloadable and printable patterns and measurements to create your purse.

Ashley Hough

Ashley Hough is a quilt designer, pattern maker, instructor, and lover of all things quilting. After learning to sew at the young age of 6 years old, she later discovered the joy of quilting and has grown her skills over the past 15 years. "I love quilting because I love the design process—being able to start with a blank page and essentially create whatever I want." Ashley's designs and patterns have been published in a variety of magazines and her work can be found on National Quilters Circle.

Ashley Hough

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