Ashley Hough

Alter & Sew a Custom Dress Shirt

Ashley Hough
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This session is all about what you will need to construct your shirt. You will learn some of the variations that are possible when making your own button-down and how those variations can make your shirt look more casual or formal. Your instructor, Ashley Hough,will walk you through all of the tools you’ll need to measure, cut and sew your shirt from start to finish.
Before you can make a shirt, you need to know what size to make it. Learn how and where to take the proper body measurements and what kind of measuring tape is right for the job. You’ll also learn what to do if all your measurements don’t fit into the same size category on a commercial pattern.
Pockets are front and center on most button-down shirts so they need to look good. Learn how to construct a pocket and stitch it to the shirt front. You’ll also learn several variations and how to make them, and learn which side of the shirt the pocket should go on.
Learn what a yoke is and where it goes. It’s time to find out some fun ways to customize and embellish the yoke as well as how to attach it to the shirt. You’ll also get the chance to alter a pattern or to leave it out if it’s not your style.
Plackets can take a shirt from casual to formal in a few simple steps, and Ashley has all the techniques you need to create a work of art. Learn how to make plackets and attach them to your shirt. You’ll also get to learn an alternative in case plackets don’t seem to be something you are interested in.
Whether you want to make a statement with cuff links or have a small cuff that can easily be rolled up, you’ll learn how to get the look you want in this session. Ashley will teach you how to attach the cuff to the sleeve with a finished seam on the inside, and then how to attach the sleeve to the shirt.
In this session, you will learn how to create a crisp collar using two pieces: a collar and an undercollar. You’ll also learn how you can use just one of those pieces to create a more casual shirt. Then find out how to attach the collar to your shirt with a finished seam on the inside.
Buttons, buttonholes and a hem will round out the shirt-making process. Learn which side your buttonholes should go on, how to mark for them and which direction to stitch them. You’ll also learn how to securely sew on a button and how to hem the lower edge of your shirt.
Meet Your Instructor, Ashley Hough.
9 Lessons
2  hrs 13  mins

Button-down shirts can be found in nearly every closet. Whether you like a fun print on casual fabric or something more formal with cufflinks and a crisp collar, you can make something unique to fit your style after taking this class.

Ashley Hough will show you what supplies are needed, from your sewing machine to markings pens and everything in between. She will also explain how to measure for and select the right pattern size and how to transition sections between sizes if all your measurements don’t fit into one category on a commercial pattern. You will learn the correct way to positions the pattern pieces on your fabric and Ashley will explain what all the markings on the pieces mean. There are many different variations for creating a unique look to your pockets, and Ashley will show you how to make them, along with how and where to attach them to your shirt.

Ashley will explain what a yoke is, where it goes, ways to embellish it and how to alter the pattern to leave it out if it’s not something you like. She will take you step-by-step through how to sew a placket onto a sleeve for a very professional look, and then show different cuff variations to add to the sleeve and how to achieve them.

You’ll also learn how to create a nice crisp collar and how to attach that to your shirt.

Finally, you’ll learn how to bring it all together with the assembly of the shirt and learn how to finish your seams as you go so the inside looks just as good as the outside.

Ashley Hough

Ashley Hough is a quilt designer, pattern maker, instructor, and lover of all things quilting. After learning to sew at the young age of 6 years old, she later discovered the joy of quilting and has grown her skills over the past 15 years. "I love quilting because I love the design process—being able to start with a blank page and essentially create whatever I want." Ashley's designs and patterns have been published in a variety of magazines and her work can be found on National Quilters Circle.

Ashley Hough

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