Instructor Resource Center

This page has been established to provide information on a range of topics that may be of interest to Instructors and Pattern Makers.

Instructors, if you have a specific question regarding any aspect of the content or material you created with Craftsy, please email the Instructor Relations Team, at


Watch this short video for a nice run-down of the Craftsy site. Helpful topics you’ll “see” include:

  • How to Log In to the site
  • How to change your password
  • How to view/access Classes
  • Viewing the various aspects of a Class video
  • How to navigate around the elements of a Class
  • How to search for a topic/Class you’re looking for
  • Looking at your personal Account (status, owned Classes, preferences, etc.)

This is worth five minutes of your time if you have any questions about the site!


Do I still have free access to the Craftsy site like I did in the past?

Of course! We understand the value of this benefit, and this access for Instructors will remain active. The email used to log into your Instructor Account has not changed. If this is the first time you are logging into the new Craftsy site, you will need to reset your password HERE.

If you have any trouble in connecting to your Account, or accessing the library of content on, just let us know and we can help.

Is there an Instructor Dashboard?

Unfortunately, there is not an Instructor-specific Dashboard on the Craftsy site. To view and respond to student questions, log into your Craftsy account, navigate to your class(es), and click on the “Class Discussion” tab under the video player.

As for reporting, if we have received your financial paperwork, Activity Reports will be emailed to you on a regular basis to provide transparency on your class sales, viewership, and royalty reporting. For more information regarding your Activity Reports, please contact us at

If I want to remove my name from your email list, how do I do that?

Just let us know and we can do that. As part of the site, and with a link on any email we send, you and consumers will have complete control over your communication preferences. Your options include removing yourself from selected types of emails, or from all emails.

For Craftsy promotional communications, update your preferences by logging into your account, clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner, and selecting “Profile”. Then, scroll down to “Email Preference” to update these settings.

For Instructor-only communications, send us an email at and request to be removed from our Instructor-only email list.


What is your process/plan for producing new content?

We are always looking into all content options and prioritizing new classes/topics for our roadmap. We are proud to offer our customers with professional, high-quality video content on Craftsy. The process for producing new video content involves class development and production phases which take a few weeks of collaboration with the Instructor before filming begins in-studio or on location with a production team. That said, we are unable to accept and sell video classes sent to us by prospective Instructors that were filmed without our involvement.

If I have an idea for a new Class, who can I pitch my ideas to?

If you have ideas for new Classes, please fill out this online form and provide as much information as possible.

Where will the filming and production of new Classes take place?

TN Marketing is in a suburb of Minneapolis. We have a state-of-the-art video production facility within our home office, with the latest in video and audio technology. We’ve created hundreds of hours of instructional video content in our studio over the years, and we’ll likely use our own studio for any new Craftsy productions. In some isolated cases, we have produced content in locations outside our studio, either for proximity to an Instructor or some unusual production needs.

If a Class I taught was retired by the prior Bluprint/Craftsy, how is it handled on the new Craftsy?

If you have a Class that was retired, that Class will still be available to view for any customer who purchased that Class in the past on an a la carte basis (Purchase-to-Own). However, no retired Class will be available to purchase going forward on a single-Class basis, nor will it be available to view as part of the Premium Membership program.

If I want to remove content from the site, can I do so?

With Agreements in place for any content that was created by Bluprint/Craftsy and an Instructor, there is no provision for Instructors to simply remove Classes or opt-out of the new Craftsy site. If there is a special situation that you think makes it imperative to remove from the site, please let us know by sending an email to and we can talk about your situation.

Some of my Class content was shot several years ago; is there a way to update or refresh it?

We can’t commit to new editing or rework on existing Classes. Depending on what aspect of your Class you want refreshed, and the resources involved to make those updates, we would look at each situation separately. If you think something is either clearly wrong or provides some unsafe procedure for users, please do let us know right away.

What efforts will be made to market or promote the Craftsy Classes I taught?

We will deploy a diverse range of marketing strategies to sell the Craftsy Class content. We’ll be selling Classes as both single-Class transactions (Purchase-to-Own TVOD) and as part of the Premium Membership program offers (Subscription SVOD). We’ll be exerting significant energy and resources in selling content in both ways, as consumers have different preferences for accessing and owning their Classes.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate any one-off requests to promote content.

Will International users have the ability to buy Classes?

Yes, no matter where a user may live, they will be able to purchase either individual Classes, or join as a Premium Member, on


How do I obtain financial paperwork to fill out so that I can receive payment?

Please send an email to us at to request these forms.

When should I expect to receive Instructor revenue-share payments?

The timing of the quarterly payments will remain as they have been. You will be paid within 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter-end, provided your Classes are active and we have received your financial paperwork.

I live outside the U.S.A. and would like to be paid via direct deposit or wire transfer, is that possible?

We can accommodate payments to any country, as long as you provide us with sufficient tax and banking information. In order to obtain the financial paperwork that needs to be filled out, please reach out to us at

Can you send payment to me through PayPal?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer PayPal as a method of payment at this time.


Will you be selling physical patterns, products, and kits? does not offer or sell a full line of physical products, materials, fabric or kits.

That said, you can purchase downloadable PDF Patterns in select content categories (Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet). In each of those categories, look for the “Patterns” tab.

Will you be selling DVDs?

We do have DVD versions of select classes available at this time. You’ll find DVD classes under the “DVDs” tab in available content categories.


How do I access patterns and recipes?

Paying members can browse, download, and print patterns and recipes under the Resource tab on the Craftsy homepage navigation bar.

What does the new Resources page mean for me?

This means that your great patterns and recipes will now be available in a fresh, new, user-friendly way for our members to enjoy. Plus, since the Resources page will provide greater audience reach for your content, there will be exciting potential for increased revenue and earnings! You’re not required to take any additional action. Our goal with this rollout is simply to retain existing members and acquire new members by providing them with our Instructors’ fantastic content in a convenient, accessible way.

How will this affect my compensation?

When a paid subscriber navigates to the Resources page and downloads your pattern or recipe, you will receive a 5-minute viewing credit. This activity will be reflected in your Instructor Monthly and Quarterly email reporting under the “Class PDF Downloads” column.

Will new patterns and recipes be added to the Resources page?

We will continue to add to this library regularly, and the number of patterns and recipes offered in our Resources feature will grow over time, increasing the value of this feature to our members.


How do I join Craftsy’s Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Marketing program for Craftsy is administered through an Affiliate Network called ShareASale. In order to become an Affiliate for Craftsy, you must be connected to the program through ShareASale. To learn more click here.

To ensure you receive the increased commission rate for verified Craftsy Instructors, you must send your ShareASale Affiliate ID to us at

If you are new to ShareASale…

  1. Click HERE to create an Account on ShareASale, allowing you to become a Craftsy affiliate
  2. Go through the 5-step process to create your account
  3. Craftsy Instructors must confirm their Affiliate ID number with us

If you already have a ShareASale Account…

  1. Click HERE and sign into your account
  2. In the top bar select “Merchants” > “Search for Merchants”
  3. In the top left of the page, type “Craftsy” in the Search Box and click “GO”
  4. When you see Craftsy, click “Join Program”
  5. Craftsy Instructors must confirm their Affiliate ID number with us

How do I create my own Affiliate link?

Choose from any web page on to create your own trackable affiliate link. You can promote everything that Craftsy has to offer – Memberships, other Classes, etc.

  1. When logged in, click on “Links” found at the top of the page
  2. Select “Create A Custom Link to a Page”
  3. Copy the URL/link from Craftsy’s website that you would like to promote, click “Create Custom Link” – To obtain a shortened link, click on “Get Short Link”

How do I find banners or other creative assets in ShareASale?

  1. When logged in, click on “Links” found at the top of the page
  2. Select “Get A Link/Banner”
  3. Click on the Banner/Link that you would like to use
  4. Copy the HTML code and paste it into the backend of your site