Simona's inspired satchel

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Mystery braid - I fell in love with it when I saw it in Simona's project. This encouraged me to complete my very first project that was originally all black (BTW, found instructions for making mystery braid on youtube) ... What advice would you give someone starting this project? (1) Do not try to turn out bag doubled with cardboard - it gets damaged. (2) Have a bottom seam for a bag

What you will need

  • Buffalo leather and caw hide

Q&A with Sveta McBirnie

simona.bu73 asked:
Wow! How happy am I ! I'm really honored!!!! You're amazing! Your project is really beautiful, the contrast between the two colors is perfect! And the handle fits perfectly!
Sveta McBirnie answered:
Thank you, Simona! My daughters now want me to make bags for them. Except that they want all black (which I find boring...) I will post pictures once I an through...
Sveta McBirnie asked:
Thank you, Simona and Don! If I did not have full time job, I would spend every waking hour doing this... I like crafts - I made my own jewellery, installed crown moldings, made my own clothes, worked with fur. a bit..but I've never been so excited as when I am working on another bag. Thank you again, Don for giving me a head-start with your class!
Sveta McBirnie answered:
Thank you so much! Good luck on your new bag. I am sure it will turn out great! More importantly, have fun wtih it!
Keva1 asked:
Lovely bag. What did you do to make the top of the bag sturdy?
Sveta McBirnie answered:
Hi, Keva. Thank you for the compliment ;). I used light cardboard, glued to the leather with leather lining. In the retrospect, I would simply use thick leather glued to the leather lining. After glueing, I would moist it and form around the brick of wood for a day or too to form the shape. Also, you can use another layer for the top portion to help forming the flap. Hope, this helps.