Created by: TrinaPeterson

Pink Plaid Wool-Blend Skirt

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Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt

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Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt

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Q&A with TrinaPeterson

TrinaPeterson asked:
I know we weren't supposed to use difficult fabrics, but I got this for 80% off, so I wasn't worried if I messed it up. There were a few hiccups along the way, but the end result worked out well. It's a little too big around the waist, but it just rides a little lower than I wanted. Still wearable, though. I will adjust the waist when I make another. I didn't want to move the zipper to the back, but I wanted an inseam pocket, so I just put one on the right side. I like not having a seam in the back. This was the first invisible zipper I've done, and I bought the cheap plastic Coats&Clark invisible zipper foot (for about $4). It worked flawlessly! Hooray! I can't wait until warmer weather, so I can make more of these in cotton! I am anxious to try it with a lining. Thanks for a great class!!
TrinaPeterson answered:
I bought the zipper foot at Hancock Fabrics, but I've also seen it at JoAnn. It is by Coats and Clark, and usually hangs on the top of the zipper display case. It comes with three different shank types (high, low, and slant), so one of them should fit your machine. The pieces are plastic (all different colors).
Malcolm McKay asked:
Perfect. It looks so good on you. Did it take you long Trina?
TrinaPeterson answered:
Thanks! The pattern drafting took the most time. Once I was confident that I had that part right, the rest was very quick and easy.