Marimekko Smockshop Dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I can't claim originality, but I really like the bold navy and white color scheme in this Magdalena stencil. And it's really comfy! What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a great stencil for anyone who is goal oriented and likes to get a project done quickly! Large scale = quick progress. To learn about the Smockshop pattern, check here: http://alabamachanin.com/journal/2012/09/diy-thursday-andrea-zittel-smockshop/ I cut the dress and learned that it worked as a sort of apron/pinafore, but it needed extra fabric under the arms in order to be worn without a shirt underneath. So I added a triangular piece on each side of the front panel, then threw in a couple darts to give it a better shape. The extra pieces meet in the back at about the bra-line, and snap together. It was a bit of an engineering challenge, but it works well now. My different sized friend tried on the finished dress and it fit her well too, so the pattern really is versatile. Here's the AC journal DIY piece: http://alabamachanin.com/journal/2013/04/diy-tunics-marimekko-style/

What you will need

  • Cotton jersey
  • Createx airbrush paint
  • button craft thread
  • Magdalena stencil downloaded from Alabama Chanin site and cut in mylar

Q&A with faux nom

jenjlair asked:
Thanks for the info, I have been looking at the smockshop patter since AC published it, but keep being daunted by the modifications. Can you add a picture to show the triangle you added? Thanks!
faux nom answered:
Jenjlair, I added a photo of the extensions I added to the front of the dress. It's 2 triangles with snap at the top and a tie at the a