Glamazon Suit Jacket

You Can Make This

CoutureAcademic made Glamazon Suit Jacket with:

  • Wool felt
  • silk charmeuse

Q&A with CoutureAcademic

Scheri Manson asked:
Great jacket. Just may join you in the Scarlet class. What are you working on next?
CoutureAcademic answered:
Hi Scheri! I'm doing the Sassy Libriarian Blouse at the moment and working on a long coat! If you want to follow me projects you can find me at!
SharlaB asked:
Love the jacket! I just enrolled and can't wait to start!
CoutureAcademic answered:
Thanks! Love to see your piccies!
SharlaB asked:
I'm tall and would love to follow your blog! Where can I find it?
CoutureAcademic answered:
Hi! Welcome fellow tall person! You can find me at See you there :)
Kaboosie asked:
Really gorgeous!
CoutureAcademic answered:
Thank you!
marie rhonda asked:
SEXY, SEXY, I may say
CoutureAcademic answered:
Thanks! *blush* :)

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