Cozy Project Bag

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I love to recycle sweaters and dream up new ways to use them! This is the latest of my creations. I also love using colorful beautiful bags for my knitting/crochet projects so this was a great way to combine my love for sweaters with my projects! Also, living in a warm climate I don't get too many changes to wear wool sweaters so this is another way to enjoy them.

What you will need

  • Recycled felted sweater
  • fabric

Q&A with Lavender Hill

MomGrandma asked:
Love the combination of felted and fabric, great-looking bag! ; )
Lavender Hill answered:
Thanks! :)
jneuman88 asked:
What a great idea to give wool sweaters a new life ... love it!
Lavender Hill answered:
I know! I LOVE to use felted sweaters for fun projects!!
Lgoddard asked:
FYI - The link for your etsy shop isn't working. :-(
Lavender Hill answered:
Thanks for letting me know, it should be working now :)