Airbrush Practice

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Stenciling that looks way more polished than my previous sponged efforts

What you will need

  • Angies Fall placement stencil from Alabama Chanin website; flour-sack dishtowel; Createx paint (a mix of pearl
  • black
  • white and sand)

Q&A with faux nom

PSCD asked:
I think you were smart to get the 1/8 hp to start with. It gives you an opportunity to decide if this is really something you want to do a lot of. I had this big one sitting in the shed, so have to use it - although I do love the fact that I can work in silence - lol.
faux nom answered:
If I'
vintagefae asked:
My word, but this is pretty. Beautiful job. :-)
faux nom answered:
Thank you! I think I'm going to start giving these as gifts: a $1 dish towel, and I can outline the shapes in a customized color for each person.
Oceansong asked:
This was just in time for me in deciding which compressor to get. I also have some dish towels waiting to practice on before I actually stencil the fabric I bought from AC. I was wondering if it is easy to figure out the adaptors needed. And where did you find the paint? Your towel turned out beautiful.
faux nom answered:
oceansong - I'm sorry I didn't see your comment immediately, but I'll answer anyway. Finding the right adapter was trial and error, just taking my equipment into an old fashioned hardware store and getting help from a clerk who had a pretty good eye for what might work to connect the braided hose to the Harbor Freight compressor. I think it was easier because I got the braided hose - the little plastic hose didn't look like it would connect to anything other than a Badger machine. I got my Createx paint locally, at Artists and Craftsman Supply (which has a few outlets elsewhere in the country).