Times 2 Quilts

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Using up so much of the leftover material from the first, larger, quilt to make the small one, thereby reducing my stash quite a bit. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If I were making this again, I'd slice up the two layer cakes into four charm packs (less expensive than buying four charm packs) and make the big quilt of the small blocks. It would take a lot longer, but I'm sure it would be much nicer. I think I may go back to the larger one and do some FMQ in the cream bits which are a large expanse of nothingness at the moment, but not until I've had a bit more practice and feel a little more confident about it.

What you will need

  • Two Moda layer cakes in "Summer's End" with cotton background fabric and thread
  • polyester wadding.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

NanaJeanFL asked:
These are both just lovely! Thanks for the tip on cutting the layer cake into charm squares. Never would have thought of that!
patz in suffolk answered:
I love to save money - all the more to have a available to spend on more fabric!
sfgrrl asked:
Excellent piecing ... a beautiful project. What type of batting did you use? There is a nice puffiness to them that i like ....
patz in suffolk answered:
I used Hobbs' Poly-Down Premium polyester - the American waddings (battings) are much superior to the British ones, so I always make sure I use them. It probably looks puffy because there isn't much quilting - just "in the ditch" and, as the blocks are so big (on the larger quilt, anyway) the quilting is a long way apart.
sassychicamy asked:
This is awesome!!!!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you - but it really isn't my favourite!
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Beautiful stars on both quilts! Such pretty colors.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you. I'm thinking of filling in the negative space with some FMQ (once I find the time and pluck up the courage!). I don't know if I'll ever get around to it, though!
Morag2504 asked:
Great idea!
patz in suffolk answered:
I've signed up for the "Quilting Negative Space" tutorial so, if I live long enough, I just might (and I said "MIGHT") get around to quilting this one day!