Thistle and Wheat

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I finished it and my stitches are getting better. Most are the same size. Now I have to work on smaller stitches. I am still using coloured thread so that I can see the stitches. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If I can get this far with this course, so can most of you. Relax and try it.

Q&A with Ladymax

marianna2011 asked:
Hey there Ladymax - it turned out many things to do still quilting my BOM 2012 - doubled the size LOL......that'll take me a while to finish! Love your work and trying to figure out when you eat :-)
Ladymax answered:
Many many thanks. Not only do I find time to eat, I do entirely too much of it.
NanaJeanFL asked:
Stunning!! Your quilting is outstanding!!! How long did it take you to do this?
Ladymax answered:
Thank you for your kind remarks. This quilt took about three weeks, working in the evenings.
Andi Perejda asked:
Your stitches are beautiful!
Ladymax answered:
Thank you for your kind remarks. It seems to me that they should be smaller and that is my next step in this learning process. I am looking forward to a local quilt show in the hopes that someone will have a wholecloth quilt for me to see, now that I know what to look for.
Bonheur asked:
Excellente maitrise des points. Bravo!
Ladymax answered:
Fatima asked:
Your patterns just get better and better. Well done!
Ladymax answered:
so do yours. many thanks.

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