T-shirt quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I spent hours and hours and hours and days!!! putting all the cut pieces into a pleasing design on the living room floor. Finally I found a way to use the Numbers program on my iMac to help the design process. I used the insert function to add squares, which I then manipulated to mini blocks at a tenth the size of the real pieces. I then colored them and put mini logos, text, and arrows to show which direction the action was occurring. This was the key to getting a final design that met all the criteria I had set: largest pieces on the outside, as few long straight lines as possible, a good spread of the main colors, action pieces 'moving' toward the center, and most especially, no 4 corners meeting at the same place. Also, I learned out to piece odd size pieces together using the partial seaming technique. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start with clean, really clean, t-shirts. Be careful cutting out the design, cutting out as largely a possible. Iron smooth, then use the templates to rotary cut the designs. (I marked mid-lines and diagonal lines on the templates; this helped to center the designs before cutting.) Cut horizontal and vertical designs for an interesting assortment. The quilting possibilities are endless.

What you will need

  • t-shirts
  • batting
  • cotton thread
  • cotton fabric

Q&A with pinkishcamellia@gmail.com

Sandra in CA asked:
Very cool, you did a great job. I love the back. What did you use to stabilize the knit fabric?
pinkishcamellia@gmail.com answered:
Nothing. T-shirt fabric sews really smoothly and evenly. The key is to iron it smooth and flat. The seams are standard 1/4 inch. In fact, I was extremely satisfied with the piecing process, and in some ways it was even easier than sewing regular cotton fabric.
Pat Sloan asked:
Fantastic tshirt quilt!!! I love how you laid them out
pinkishcamellia@gmail.com answered:
Thanks! I had to resort to making little miniatures of each block so i could manipulate the blocks on the computer screen vice on the floor to come up with a cohesive design that I really liked.