Quilted Tablecloth

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Felt like sewing and wanted a quilted tablecloth

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics and batting

Q&A with Candace in Fl

Sandipennington asked:
Very Nice!
Candace in Fl answered:
Thank you, I've wanted a quilted tablecloth for a long time. Now I have one, why did I wait, lol.
NanaJeanFL asked:
Very nice Candace!
Candace in Fl answered:
Thank you, it was a spur of the moment thing, I needed a tablecloth and I had a top that just needed a little adapting.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Oh, I like this! Great colors and a striking, uncluttered design. I've been wondering what to make from my stash of reproductions prints, and this is a quick and easy table topper that just might work.
Candace in Fl answered:
It started out a quilt top, but at the last minute I decided I wanted a quick tablecloth quilt. I wasn't sure I'd like it, it was supposed to be a manly quilt, but I do like it and the nice thing is that the coins didn't make lumps like four patches or nine patches or pinwheels, etc. Lumpless tablecloths are a good thing. Also, the center strip is almost like having a table runner. Hope you try something similar and like it, too.
Nancy Hlubik asked:
Great idea and beautiful work
Candace in Fl answered:
Thank you.
quilting tania asked:
This is a great idea, thank you for sharing! What kind of batting did you use?
Candace in Fl answered:
Thank you, I just used hobbs 80-20. It seems to be not too poofy.