Created by: Karol Allred

Memory Quilt

You Can Make This

Karol Allred made Memory Quilt with:

  • 100% cotton fabric

Q&A with Karol Allred

MsQuilty asked:
Awesome! i have though about this idea, but never pursued it- you have motivated me to get on it! Did you print the photos yourself, or take them to a shop?
Karol Allred answered:
MsQuilty, I scanned photos and then printed them using printer-ready sheets of material. This part of the process was the most challenging for me. But it was well worth learning how to do. Thanks for your nice words.
lindam asked:
Very Beautiful! I just printed out my pictures and ready to start. Seeing your quilt has given me hints on how to start. I'm rather new at quilting, and hope to learn more and more.
Karol Allred answered:
Good luck on your quilt! If you have all of your photos already printed, the hard work is done. Would love to see your quilt when it is done.

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