Five Blazing Stars

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am extremely proud of my quilt top and the way it has come together, especially when I think about some of the mistakes I made during the 320 plus hours I spent making it. I have learnt how to be more patient and tolerant when I make mistakes now and the understand the importance of precision cutting, sewing 1/4 inch seams and how piecing little pieces of fabric together can be challenging and yet rewarding at the same time. I have now been quilting for 3 years but am still too scared to actually machine quilt this one yet because I don't want to ruin it. During this time I have made several other quilts which I have machine quilted as well whilst teaching myself how to machine quilt with my quilting frame - eventually I will build up the courage to machine quilt my Five Blazing Stars. My quilt story - After spending about a couple of months of a night and weekends cutting out all the pieces I needed, including the 3,756 little half square triangles, I could make a start on building my quilt top. Making my centre and corner stars was first up and this was terribly difficult for someone new to qulting, but eventually, after a lot of tweeking, cutting out new templates and fabric pieces; (because I'd pretty much destroyed my first goodness knows how many attempts) I was able to manouver my pieces into the correct shape of five stars. I then added the tiny border and sewed them into their squares allowing me to move on to piecing the diamonds together. Funnily enough, to me, besides making the stars the diamonds looked the next hardest part of this quilt to make but I found that they were the quickest and easiest part because once I understood how to piece them together they went together quite easily and quickly. Piecing the triangles together was extremely time consuming because obviously I had to make sure my colors didn't overlap and that they lined up when added to the rows above or below them and unfortunately that doesn't exactly happen automatically for some of us. Anyway, after hours and hours of sewing and unpicking and resewing, as well as deciding that I didn't like certain colors too close to another color so I'd unpick that bit and resew it again too, I eventually got there and was able to start piecing my rows of 7"s, 9's, 11's, and so on, together into larger rows of trianglur shaped pieces until they got to the size of massive border length pieces, ready to be pieced into place beside my smaller corner stars. If you have taken the tme to read this, I hope you enjoyed my story about me and my Five Blazing Stars quilt top. .Happy quilting, Jillian What advice would you give someone starting this project? Whilst this would be a time consuming quilt for the best of quilters to make, if you a new to quilting but not to sewing then just take your time and break he quilt down into areas, working on it methodically as you complete each part. I do hope some of you make it because it is simply a stunning quilt top and like me, you will feel so proud of your effort when you have finally finished making it.

What you will need

  • A range of awesome colors in the General Fabric Company's Silhoutte range of 100% Cotton fabrics. (You can also use scraps but I was only new to quilting and had no idea of what a stash was
  • let alone have one to take scraps from) :-) Transfer paper Template plastic Lightweight cardboard

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