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What are you most proud of? I really am NOT proud of this block. There is insufficient contrast with the fabrics to give me the crisp detail of the block, BUT, that said, I am not inclined to do the block over today. I think it will blend with t he other blocks in the quilt and doesn't need to be a "stand out". The paths look blobby to me and yet it was executed perfectly. It's just too busy, it needs a place for the eye to rest. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently and do it over. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a good block for very crisp, clean fabrics with great contrast.

What you will need

  • Kaffe Fassett Fabrics

Q&A with Applekrisp

Odd Cat Stitch asked:
Just fabulous!
Applekrisp answered:
Thank you!
K Lee 2Strings asked:
These fabrics are so stunning! You will have such a gorgeous quilt.
Applekrisp answered:
They are fun fabrics that is for sure and an absolute joy to work with.
Darns asked:
Love it anyway! don't care what you think about it - keep it!
Applekrisp answered:
Okay! You talked me into
qulady asked:
i agree, keep it, there's something artsy about it, all you have to do is put a solid around it and it will stand out very nicely- sometimes we get something completely different than our expectations-htanks for sharing it!!
Applekrisp answered:
It's always a process isn't it. I thought it might be of value to share blocks that I was not so enamoured with and talk a little about why I wasn't pleased with them. I think it's helpful for others to see that not everything I do is absolutely spot on...LOL. You can give people a complex that way. We all start out somewhere and I think this is a great little course for folks to learn some really basic skills and play with their fabric. I love the exchange of ideas back and forth and enjoy hearing the variety of suggestions. Thanks for being willing to pass along some constructive comments, I love them!!!
Jana Treat asked:
I like it! When I watched the video for this months block, I thought I would use all prints also. I like the look of this! Thanks for sharing. Maybe if there was more contrast of color between the different prints you chose, you might like it better. I am going to do my block with all prints also and use prints with more color contrast. I will post it when I finish and maybe you can give me some feedback.
Applekrisp answered:
Jana, thank you for your comments...that was exactly my thought as well...more contrast in the colors would perhaps pop out the block design. Also, I think paying attention to the size of the elements in the design, varying them more, a smaller scale and perhaps a stripe could create that interest that, for me, is lacking in these blocks. Love to see your submissions, I'll be excited to see how you utilize the prints.

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