Block 1

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am particularly happy with the way the stippling in the center turned out. Too bad it doesn't show up very well on the photo.

Q&A with Polarjo

JPetz3057 asked:
I love the colors you're using. I find choosing the color scheme to be one of the hardest to do! Beautiful!!
Polarjo answered:
I agree. Choosing the fabrics/colors is usually the hardest part for me too. In this case I saw the three main fabrics together in the store and just thought it looked so bright and fun, so I got some, not knowing what I would use them for. Then this project came along. Everything else in the blocks is just scraps.
Jernmegmom asked:
The quilting is awesome! did you plan the paisley in the center to match?
Polarjo answered:
Thank you. I quilted this based on Leah's designs for this quilt top. It was just a happy accident that she used the paisley design on this particular block and I just happened to use the paisley fabric in the center of it.
Davesmom asked:
Hi did you quilt as you go on all your blocks? They all look great!
Polarjo answered:
Thanks. I quilted this as after it was all pieced together and sandwiched as one quilt - it's bigger than your average lap quilt but smaller than a twin. I quilted it on my

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