Created by: KeencraftaKaren

All hand quilted

What are you most proud of? My sewing machine is too small to quilt such a big project so I hand quilted instead!

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KeencraftaKaren made All hand quilted with:

Hand Quilting

Online Class

Hand Quilting

with Andi Perejda

  • 100% cotton cloth & thread

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My sewing machine is too small to quilt such a big project so I hand quilted instead!

Q&A with KeencraftaKaren

Ladymax asked:
What a terrific job. Congratulations.
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you Ladymax, :)
cari2rcky asked:
Excellent hand quilting. How long did this whole quilt take?
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Hi cari2rcky, thank you for your kind words, I started following the BOM 2012 class in about March last year and did my final stitch in the binding last night, so approximately 14 months, I' ve got other classes on the go too though.
Andi Perejda asked:
Atta Girl! I loved it when you said it was too big for the machine, so you Hand Quilted!! You should be very proud.
KeencraftaKaren answered:
I have you to thank Andi, taking your class made me realise how much I love hand stitching and using the 22" hoop just made it so much easier. I'm so glad I took your class, thank you.
Quiltknit asked:
I have just started getting material in to do a quilt for my son in the Army. It is to give to a High Ranking retiring officer it will be part machine and part hand. I was not very smart. I told him, I would the leftovers for him a quilt, Now, both have to ready and gone by the second week of September. I will do as much hand quilting as possible. That clock is ticking. Beautiful work.
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Hi Quiltknit, it sounds as though you are going to be very, very busy sewing, I started to hand quilt this project on the 1st of March after deciding that it was just too bulky to machine quilt, but as I didn't have a deadline like yourself I was doing other projects in between, so I couldn't give you an accurate time scale I'm afraid, I do hope that you can complete both quilts in time, all the very best of luck. Karen
jillp asked:
Hand Quilted WOW! Nicely done~
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you again jillp, I just love hand sewing.

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