2013 January BOM

What you will need

  • Cotton Fabric

Q&A with MTQuilter

mpac5000 asked:
MTQuilter answered:
Thank you!
erbohnet asked:
Love the blues!
MTQuilter answered:
Thank you! They are a purplish blue in real life, camera won't take a good picture!
quiltin_genbug asked:
I like this one, love the shadow and light look. I am in Hamilton, going to follow. Blue is a favorite color of mine, guess that is the second reason I like this. Thank you for sharing.
MTQuilter answered:
Thanks fellow Montanan! I'm a little ways away in Billings :)
Logcabin Lady asked:
Very nice. So fun to see other Montanans taking the same class. I'm from the Great Falls area.
MTQuilter answered:
I agree!

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