1st September Drunked's Path

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just have fun

Q&A with Beth245

Sylvie LC asked:
Beautiful work, Beth, very precise, well done.
Beth245 answered:
Thank you Sylvie
shobi asked:
Like your take on the second block.
Beth245 answered:
Thank you shobi
MsQuilty asked:
gorgeous! this layout actually has a name. It is Old Maid's Puzzle. I saw it Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day show. In the 30's 2 colors were used and crossed in the middle. in a whole quilt it is awesome! I don't think we get the full effect making just one block. Eleanor said back in the day, children never slept under a drunkard's path quilt because they would grow up to be drunkard! lol
Beth245 answered:
Thank you MsQuilty - that is fascinating to know - I would like to do a whole quilt with this layout but would need time - lol about the children.
LinRupp asked:
I'm really loving your fabric choices. Nice job too.
Beth245 answered:
Thank you LinRupp - have just been using up scrap fabrics I have here.

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