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A Quilter's Holiday Hangout

Everything You Need to Survive the Season
Wood Paneling With White Christmas Lights

10 Reasons to Be Merry

We created some fun memes that put a quilt-y spin on holiday classics. Ho-ho-hoping you'll love 'em!

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Our Quilty Pleasures

Everyone has their little quilting secrets — especially around our office. We've got the confessions to prove it!

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Meet the Midnight Quilter

Let's face it, we quilters have our quirks! Angela Walters, host of The Midnight Quilt Show, is here to share a few of her own.

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That's a Wrap

Give any gift that extra touch! These three easy wrapping methods will help you jazz things up and bust your stash.

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We're Sew Funny

What happens when our quilters write jokes for other folks? The results will have you in stitches.

Go Ahead... Gift Yourself

Grab a little something for spreading all that cheer.