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Just Bananas Over Soft Toys (4)

Just Bananas Over Soft Toys

Attention Valued EU Customers: Please DO NOT click to add the PDF to your Digital Cart! I am not set up for the VAT so please check out my JustBananasOverToys Etsy shop instead! Now for the About Me part Hi I am Janette! I am Just Bananas Over Soft Toys.....I think I have always been that way. As a school kid I read a lot of books. Horse books were my favourite as I was quite Horse mad! Two books stick in my memory as being very influential. They are Wish for a Pony and The Midnight Horse both written by Monica Edwards. Wish for a Pony inspired me to draw horses and The Midnight Horse inspired me to create horses using fabric and other materials. I designed and made my first cloth horse when I was 12 years old. My Mum helped me put wire, complete with a twist at the end to imitate a horseshoe in each of Tarallea’s legs. You can read more about my artistic passion in my Wordpress Blog or check out my Facebook Page. As a way to connect my past with my Online Future as a Soft Toy Designer my first Sewing Pattern PDF is a Hobby Horse that I have titled Wish for a Pony. I did have it listed here on Craftsy but regrettably have removed it because it was too popular with EU customers. I am leaving my other PDFs here for sale for now...unless they also prove too popular with EU Customers. I look forward to creating more PDF Patterns = FREE ones that will have links to my popular Patterns and Cut n Sew fabric. Thanks a Bunch for reading this and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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