Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. This was done in acrylics from a photo I took while kyacking at Dawn aroundLong Island on Lake George. It's my first attempt at ripples. Is the piece for sale? No

What you will need

Q&A with Nancy Brother

Shelly SLC asked:
Beautiful! The water is terrific. And the sky too! It all comes together so well.
Nancy Brother answered:
Thanks Shelly
kaleidimo7981496 asked:
So very serene and tranquil.......water reflections and ripples look wonderful.
Nancy Brother answered:
Thank you, I'd like to do one with more color next.
Vera OBrien asked:
Great job!
Nancy Brother answered:
Thank you Vera
Peter John Reid asked:
another beautiful painting I'm going to have to stop teaching. The pyramid rock is a bit distracting.
Nancy Brother answered:
Yeah, I agree, but that is what it looked like. I need to learn that what is there may not need to be in the painting. Thank you, this class has taught me to really look at things.
NancyLynne asked:
Wow very nice! I can imagine what it must have been like for you on that Kyack! So peacful. Isnt it fun when it all comes together!
Nancy Brother answered:
Our kyaking mornings were awesome. That morning the fog was rolling in, just so beautiful. Thank you for your kind words