Mini Lovey Blankie Menagerie

Project Description

What are you most proud of? There are 6 animals to choose from: bear, monkey, lamb, elephant, bunny, and of course, piggy in a blanket. A choice of 2 blanket easy stitch patterns, with each blanket only 12 square, makes them easy grab n go loveys that can fit just about anywhere. Theyre quick knits and take little yarn, so theyre great stash-busters, as well. A round collar design over joined arms makes it simple to attach the animal securely to the blanket. Great for gifts and craft tables! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just enjoy the creative process!

What you will need

  • #4-Worsted Wt. yarn: 110 yds. for blankie
  • 40 yds. MC + 32 yds. CC for Lamb
  • 50 yds. MC + 20 yds. CC for Elephant
  • 68 yds. MC + 18 yds. CC for Bunny
  • 66 yds. for Bear
  • 42 yds. MC + 23 yds. CC for Monkey
  • 48 yds. MC + 16 yds. CC for Piggy Straight Knitting Needles: Size 4 (3.5mm) (For Animals) Size 6 (4mm) (For Blankets) 7.5mm toy safety eyes Small Amount Black Yarn/Embroidery Floss Large-Eyed Blunt Needle Long Straight Pins Removable Stitch Markers Polyester Fiberfill Stuffing

Q&A with Rainebo

Mary Shaw asked:
These little animals are totally gorgeous. What a great little gift idea!
Rainebo answered:
Thank you, Mary! They ARE great gift ideas.. Their small size makes them quick knits when you need a gift in a hurry, too!
GranmamaKnits asked:
Cute and cuddly; a perfect gift for a young baby, a young toddler or just young at heart.
Rainebo answered:
Thanks! That's just what I was aiming at when I was designing this pattern!
Jennifer DeConinck Smith asked:
These are adorable! I wish I knew how to knit :)! Would you ever consider making these and selling wholesale in gift shops? Definitely a precious selection I would sell in mine if were available :). Great job!
Rainebo answered:
Thank you so much for your kind words. I used to make and sell, but I don't have time to do that at the moment. I enjoy designing and creating new projects.
Dianna1944 asked:
They look so cute
Rainebo answered:
Thanks! Glad you like them!
rroberts0 asked:
Very nice, but I was wondering if you can design a cow for our dairy farmers up here in Ontario, Canada ?
Rainebo answered:
You've inspired me!

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