Wire Crochet Bracelet #2

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • Gold wire
  • swarovski crystals
  • czech cut beads
  • gold/crystal magnetic clasp
  • and various other beads.

Q&A with mokoandco

TeriWeri asked:
Its lovely. I really want to try this. What thickness wire did you use?>
mokoandco answered:
28 gauge. Good luck!!
saida asked:
I love this. I have done one simular with colored pearls. It didn't have as many variety yet seemed heavy. Would you recomend beads instead or less beads. Also how did you finish and clasp?
mokoandco answered:
Thanks so much! The beads I used were fairly small, 4mm, and didn't make the bracelet too heavy so I could use a lot of them. To finish the clasp I wrapped the wire through the loop on the clasp and back through the bracelet many times and then wire wrapped it around the base of the clasp. Hope this helps!!
Christinef asked:
Once again you have done it! Beautiful bracelet. Do you sell your work by any chance?
mokoandco answered:
Hi there!! Thank you so much! I do sell my bracelets through etsy. Here is a link to my shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/mokoandco And I am just finishing up a new crochet bracelet with blue colors in it. I should have the up on both sites this weekend. Thank you!