silver tennis racket

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I was able to make it on the second attempt though I am still working on the net as the weave is hard in a way though not- its the space involved = have to do some more practice on it What advice would you give someone starting this project? take your time have fun and above all else keep trying- a lot of my items break or never get to the completion stages because I get frustrated not only with the item but myself and my lack of ability but you have to keep in mind there are good days and bad days and days when it is best to just step back and go do something else...like minecraft or world of warcraft or walking in the rain.. or even sleeping- we are not always going to beable to do the things we want however we can always try to do the things we dream and everyonce in a great while we are able to complete and or make something of value as we build our own charcter and our own abilities- which are worth more than any trinket. :) happy monday

What you will need

  • art clay silver
  • silver wire
  • kiln
  • gold thread
  • warmer
  • imagination
  • brass brush
  • cutting tools

Q&A with ARGrover

RosieMeadow asked:
I like that you keep trying, you are like me, I never give up! :) Do you make your jewelry for yourself or do you sell it?
ARGrover answered:
I make it and throw it in a bag, put a date on it and throw it in a box. I used to take it to my family and let them go through it but I stopped doing that when they wanted me to change things and make things to their desires. My husband wants me to sell it. My daughter wants to wear it. And I just enjoy making it- no strings

Skill Level