Micro Torch Basics

Project Description

Who is this project for? Other What advice would you give someone starting this project? First attempt at "real" soldering (I've done jump rings before) and I found the most important thing is to get the ends absolutely flush. In using the 12ga wire instead of 14ga I found the flush cutters distorted the cut a little bit so there was some filing to do to get the ends flush. So the next time I do this (tomorrow I think) I'll use my jeweler's saw for the cuts. Problem solved, I hope! Also, I didn't try to get all the fire scale off because I love the patina it gives to the rings.

What you will need

  • Fun class! A good introduction to soldering. I used 12ga wire instead of 14ga and these rings were still fairly easy to make!

Q&A with SusanSan

Jens-Creations asked:
I can't wait to made these pretty rings. Did you use 12 ga? Thanks for sharing your work, i love it...
SusanSan answered:
Hi Jen,
randolpab116702 asked:
I'm having trouble posting comments or replies too. I type it in, hit the red "add comment" or "reply" button and it disappears.
SusanSan answered:
Yes, I was having trouble posting replies when I discovered that if I hit the enter key like I was adding another line of text it would enter my reply. Hope that helps! Cheers!
Amiyumi asked:
These are really nice! Gorgeous!!
SusanSan answered:
Thank you very much!

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