Enameled Poppy Necklace

Who is this project for? Women

You Can Make This

Audra Baade made Enameled Poppy Necklace with:

  • copper sheet metal
  • copper wire
  • enamel powders

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

Q&A with Audra Baade

Rockland Rocks asked:
Audra Baade answered:
Thank you.
Karenbeads asked:
Very nice. Are the flower shape and leaves cut by you? Is the flower dappled after you cut it. I'd love to learn that. Beautiful job!
Audra Baade answered:
Thank you. I cut the flower shape and the leaf shapes out of copper. Then I annealed the flower to get it pliable and shaped the petals a little before enamelling it. I think the dappling effect is from the different colors of enamel I used. I also made a "pattern" in the center with a lighter color.
Karenbeads asked:
Audra Went to your Lost Sparrow Betsy site. You did note how you made it. Like it a lot. Gerry different and pretty.
Audra Baade answered:
Thanks for checking out my Etsy site. It's kind of new and a work in progress so if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it.
Terri Densmore asked:
Audra Baade answered:
Thank you

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