Snail spirals tea cosy

Project Description

What was your source for this crocheting project? Improvisational What advice would you give someone starting this project? Pattern is at - http://justdunnycrochet.svbtle.com/snail-tea-cosy-pattern

What you will need

  • 8 ply (DK) acrylic yarn4 mm hookpipe cleaners
  • US G-6/4.00mm

Q&A with justdunny

Little Doolally asked:
This is great!
justdunny answered:
Thank you! It just struck me that a snail needs a spiral LOL
alisonmic814379 asked:
Hey! Can you tell me if there is a pattern for this crochet version.
justdunny answered:
I haven't done a pattern up. A rough guide is to make a spiral in 2 colours for most of the distance you need. I stoped shaping for the last row, I think. Join the two circles across the top to suit the tea pot and under the handle. The eye stalks are just dc rectangles with some short rwos to make them wider at one short edge. Fold in half and join. Eye is just two circles - eye is 12 tr (dc in US) in a ring, then 2 tr in each. I think the back of the eye was the same, then with 2 rows of dc (sc US). Sit the eye in the back & join with a row of DC. I used a pipe cleaner folded in three to give the stalk some rigidity. I've added a section across the top of the spout just with increasing sized stitches to get the curl up on the shell there.
alisonmic814379 asked:
Thank you! I appreciate your help! I love this!!!!
justdunny answered:
Glad to help! I've put a PDF pattern up here - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spiral-snail-tea-cosy-2
alisonmic814379 asked:
Thanks for letting me know about the pattern! I'm going to check it out now.
justdunny answered:
Excellent! Would love to see a pic when you complete it!
bexamoose5703370 asked:
Hi! This pattern is lovely but I can't seem to access it! When I click on your link below, it sends me to ravelry but there's nowhere on the page that shows how to get the pattern. It says 'this pattern is available for free' with a link but when I click it, it sends me back to this page. Please help! :-) Thank you
justdunny answered:
Sorry! Pattern is now here - http://justdunnycrochet.svbtle.com/snail-tea-cosy-pattern