My first tatting

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I finally learned how to tat! I've wanted to for many years. My best friend started learning how to and it inspired me to just jump into the fire and see what cooked up. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Advice for the earrings, I struggled with the first one - beads kept getting in my way, so make sure you wrap at least 10 times after the beads are on the shuttle. I also ran out of the thread, so I tied more thread to the end and wrapped the shuttle again... I had just enough to finish the first earring with 6 inches to spare. I did 50 wraps on the shuttle to do my second earring and I had no problems and it went so fast, I impressed myself! Final advice, be careful... tatting can be addictive.

What you will need

  • Crochet cotton size 10

Q&A with Skukum Carol

knitmyheartin2 asked:
These look awesome. When you ran out and reloaded your shuttle how did you join it to your piece? Just wondering cause when i did that there was an ugly knot.
Skukum Carol answered:
Thank you! I actually had enough thread to finish the piece without joining, but the thread wasn't long enough to wrap around the shuttle bobbin. So I tied another piece to the end of my shuttle thread just extending it so I could wrap it on the shuttle and continue working. I was just lucky I didn't have to add on in my work, I haven't learned to do that yet lol.

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