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Q&A with Ria-Kirstine

sisterofjared asked:
Open to some feedback for your photos? you are techincally showing the viewer 'what they are buying' but not telling them why they should love it. People buy what they love! shoot this little guy getting played with, climbing on something, show off his quirky, lovable, cuddley nature! Also, he has a great color so I'd suggest showing that off with a green background or even yellows and blues ;) This guy is amazing! Love it.
Ria-Kirstine answered:
Thanks :o)
Little Chupi asked:
super cute!
Ria-Kirstine answered:
Thank you :o)
Cloudydaz asked:
Funny, I love Lilli - Lilli just the way she is! She could me my favorite monster!
Ria-Kirstine answered:
Thank you :o)

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