Up in the clouds

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Plain iced fruit cake, tragacanth icing, home made balloon mould, light shade fitting, ribbons, beads, royal icing for fixing decorations, gondola pattern cut out in card, cloud shapes, food colouring. Optional sleeping baby ~ either purchased or modelled. What advice would you give someone starting this project? hmmmm... all of the hot air balloon can be made as far in advance as you like, because it isn't edible. The cake is just a plain fondant iced fruit cake... ( it could be sponge, but a fruit cake is heavier & will make the finished cake more stable). The hot air balloon support is a lampshade frame, with the largest ring cut off & the remainder wrapped in ribbon. The actual balloon was modelled inside of a mould that I made... but a shop bought balloon shape would be preferred (I just couldn't find one in time). The balloon is made of tragacanth icing in 2 halves & left to harden before sticking together with royal icing. The clouds are made of the same icing & curved round the cake tin so that they will fit around the cake base. After the balloon & the clouds are hardened they can be sponged with watered down food colouring until the finished effect is achieved. Let each stage dry before colouring again. The decorations & any additional mouldings are also applied with royal icing. The gondola can either be made of tragacanth icing & stuck together or made out of cake & covered with fondant icing. The ends of the balloon support are pushed into the cake (or stuck onto a tragacanth gondola with royal icing) .A bought baby or a baby modelled out of fondant icing can be placed on the gondola but is not necessary. GOOD LUCK x

What you will need

  • Plain iced fruit cake
  • tragacanth icing
  • home made balloon mould
  • light shade fitting
  • ribbons
  • beads
  • royal icing for fixing decorations
  • gondola pattern cut out in card
  • cloud shapes
  • food colouring. Optional sleeping baby ~ either purchased or modelled.

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