Marquetry Farm

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Q&A with Rich Gady

hdonohue5214640 asked:
How to I buy the material to make the Marquetry Farm I spent $15 dollars go a lesson but I do not have any wood to make it so how much will it cost to get the material to make any project that you sell
Rich Gady answered:
You can buy veneers online from the suppliers list. It will cost about $25 to get a mixture of pieces to cut from. You will always have leftover pieces to make future pictures.
hdonohue5214640 asked:
can I order a kit to make the farm
Rich Gady answered:
There isn't a kit available.There may be kits for other pictures available from some of the suppliers.
dorawaldr9103731 asked:
I would to make Birds houses
Rich Gady answered:
I saw some books at Rockler's on Birdhouse building, you could find information there.