Houndstooth Scarf

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like it...even though I thought it would be boring to weave...if you look at my other houndstooth projects you'll see the difference. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Easy-peasy weave....don't be intimidated.

What you will need

  • 10" Schacht Cricket RH Loom
  • 10 dent RH
  • 2 heddles
  • pearly cotton yarn

Q&A with L Jensen

Weaving Zebra asked:
What fun! You have been busy!,
L Jensen answered:
It's the only weaving I've done in the last week and I'm missing it! I started with the gray and a pale blue...that didn't work. Houndstooth must have contrast...on the upside I got to play with the string an hour longer. ;)
alowab@hotmail.com asked:
Where can I get the necessary tools
L Jensen answered:
Check this site under the supply tab. The Schacht Cricket loom is the one I used....I love this little loom. The yarn, I ordered from the yarn barn in Kansas. Good luck!
macrisch25503571 asked:
I like this Rigid Headle weaving, I guess I will take the class. I have a question, Can this fabrex be used to make a skirt, for example? Thank's
L Jensen answered:
Yes...depending on the thickness of the yarn and drape of the fabric. Oh so many possibilities! Also you may want to join the rigid heddle weaving group on fb....so many ideas and helps there too. This class is very helpful and I love that it's always here for me when I have a question. Good luck!
Tempest61 asked:
I believe weaving is something I would love to do. Are the tools expensive?
L Jensen answered:
Looms can be very expensive. But to start I would suggest the 15" Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom.... You could do scarves to your hearts content. Along with some wider pieces, hand towels or wash cloths. (Full disclosure...I don't have a 15". I have the 10" and I will never give it up! But many people say the 15" is more versatile.)

Skill Level