Bathmat/Door mat

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Figuring out how to make the edges of the pattern look good.

What you will need

  • Maurice Brossard 8/16 mop cotton
  • 1 cone medium blue Mystery yarn
  • 2 skeins

Q&A with sweetpaprika

mrs ferret asked:
Love this pattern. Looks like it would make a great bath mat!
sweetpaprika answered:
Thank you. It looks quite nice in my bathroom!
Craftsy asked:
this is a beautiful, intricate design. Awesome job :)
sweetpaprika answered:
Thank you!
calculation asked:
This is very pretty. I like the pattern and color choices both. Would you tell me which type loom you used, floor or rigid heddle?
sweetpaprika answered:
Thank you! I used a 4-shaft floor loom and the same warp for both mats, but played with the treadling pattern to create two variations for the two mats.