Antique Gold Scarf (finished)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love the way this yarn, and the yarn alone, makes it look like the warp is two-color. Plain weave

What you will need

  • Blue Herron Rayon Metallic (550 yds/skein). 4/5 of skein used. 72" long
  • 9" wide
  • 12.5 epi

Q&A with Braizyn

meg1431089 asked:
I just signed up for this class. I want to make your scarf because it is beautiful! I love the look of your scarf, the yarn, the soft look. I am inspired.
Braizyn answered:
Wow, thanks! Blue Herron's Rayon Mettalic, when it's finished, drapes so beautifully. This is really a fun class
BobbieJoM asked:
Braizyn answered:
thank you
WillowAnn asked:
Your colors are luscious!
Braizyn answered:
Thank you
Ocean_Dunes asked:
Gorgeous! Did you double up the threads or just use one throughout? I have a skein of the blue heron yarn and it looks so thin, I am wondering if one thread will work on an 8 dent heddle? Or did you use a different sized heddle? I absolutely love this scarf!
Braizyn answered:
Sorry for late reply. I used in Ashford 12 inch. Good reference book to get is weavers companion. It will tell you how to thread different size heddles
KMary asked:
Braizyn answered:
Thank you

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