Project Description

What are you most proud of? I was pleased with the colours in the fleece and how I got them to "play nice" together. I actually knit each ball as I spun it so that I could visualize how much of each colour I wanted in the next ball and where I wanted them. It is very cool that he likes to wear it so much. Although he does like the way it looks he mostly likes the feel of it and the way that the wool behaves. He wears his old one like this mostly for working in, not only to keep him warm even when wet, but also for protection from sun and heat and skin abrasions.

What you will need

  • I carded and handspun a raw jacob fleece. The fleece was spotted with colours from creamy white to a rich chocolate brown. I separated the colours and remixed to make the variegations in the yarn as I spun it. I used a navajo ply to ply the yarn

Q&A with nancyelizabeth

ladybugblue asked:
This is amazing. Can I ask what sweater pattern you used?
nancyelizabeth answered:
I'm afraid this is just something I made up for this sweater. I may publish it as a download someday. Thanks :)
OnTenterhooks asked:
Yes, I only posted it once. I Flagged the others, and I have trepidation to post again, but here goes. Thanks for directing me to all your info on the sweater...I am an avid fan of your work! Best to you and yours...
nancyelizabeth answered:
Thanks so much :-) I'd love to see what you make with your Jacob.

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