Dark Green Yarn

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is the first dyed yarn spun on my spinning wheel, the second skein spun on it out of three so far. It was a learning experience, my biggest hurdle was trying to keep the fiber from bunching up on me. A different position for my drafting hand fixed a lot of my fumbling but I didn't figure that out until my next skein of yarn lol.

What you will need

  • Ashland Bay fiber
  • I think it is Dark Green corridale wool. 2.7 oz of fiber wound up in two skeins
  • 1 3-ply 2 oz skein and 1 2-ply .6 oz skein. It was divided into 3 .9 oz rovings and spun onto 3 bobbins and then plied together. I spun one bobbin thicker than the other two and ended up spinning the remainder of the thread into a 2-ply. The 3-ply yarn has 23 wpi and measures about 248.75 meters. The nicest thing is how changeable the colors in this yarn is. Under natural light it presents as a much lighter color and has more blue tones. Under artifical light the yarn is a very deep green color and the various colors that hide in it are mistaken for more green. But when a camera's flash is used the dark green retreats and all the different hues are so much brighter.

Q&A with Rhyslarn

Kristinnn asked:
love this!
Rhyslarn answered:
Thank you!
Bayan asked:
love this. I think it would fantastic made up.
Rhyslarn answered:
Thanks :) I still haven't found the right project for it yet but I'm narrowing it down!

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