Zip Around Wallet

Project Description

Name of Pattern Zip Around Wallet What was your inspiration? Sometimes I just want to carry my wallet and my cell phone, lipstick and keys. This is for those times.

What you will need

  • Canvas and mens shirts
  • piping and zippers

Q&A with Cherie Killilea

lizzieknit asked:
Love it, I usually only carry a few items. One thing I carry is all of my credit cards in one of those little cases which would be nice to be able to fit into this as an option. Thanks for beings so creative.
Cherie Killilea answered:
I am still working on the pattern to make it the best it can be. I think you will find that you will have several options for placement of your card case.
pgh.phyl asked:
very hard to find pattern for the second time. i bought the orange patten and cant find it again. now they are showing this and not the orange one. very hard site to navigate.
Cherie Killilea answered:
In the upper right of your screen, click "my craftsy" then you should see a tab marked "patterns" any patterns you have bought will be there. I hope that helps!
Swat Eee asked:
I love your projects... Your work is just so neat & perfect :) It soo doesnt look like stuff you can make at home :)
Cherie Killilea answered:
Thanks for saying that. I think anyone can achieve that level of professional finish. It does take time and practise.
sesimmons1931364 asked:
I like the looks of this wallet. Can it be made for a shoulder hang and a fanny pack. I like something I don't have to worry about when I'm shopping. Where I have both hands free but my purse or wallet is secure. A outside zipper for a cell phone would be nice and then maybe a smaller pocket for keys. Keep up the good work. Your stuff is amazing.
Cherie Killilea answered:
Thanks for asking. Yes, when this larger version comes out, it will include a strap. It is too big for a wristlet. And yes, the zippered cell phone pocket for sure. I have been using the smaller zip around for a while now and love it. I am going to feel so spoiled when I go to the larger again. Thank you for the kind words!
Bobbie Davis asked:
Ordered this pattern but can't find it in my pattern library. Need some help. Thanks
Cherie Killilea answered:
Bobbie, I looked through my list of purchasers and did not see you on it. I wonder if something happened before the transaction went through? If you have a paypal receipt, please forward it to my email and I can email you the pattern. Also, if you want one as big as what I show in this project, it is the new pattern, this one: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/sewing/accessory/zip-around-in-checkbook--tablet-sizes/77348 I hope that helps! Email is cherieatstudiocheriedotcom