White Coutil Corset

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The petersham I used on the edges looks good :)

What you will need

  • Coutil
  • steel boning.

Q&A with VictorianGirl93

LilMissRead asked:
Is this a standard pattern from the craft store? Simplicity or the like?
VictorianGirl93 answered:
No, this is a pattern I bought on Etsy, which is made from an antique corset. Type in Ref S Corset on etsy and you should find it. The name of the shop is AtelierSylpheCorsets, hope that helps! :D
dottyeb asked:
GREAT job!!! I'm so happy you young girls are learning these techniques that were nearly forgotton with the advent of T-shirts and baggy clothes. proficiency in corset making is a great background for constructing strapless garments and period clothes. Keep up the good work!!! Great job!
VictorianGirl93 answered:
Thanks! :) Old fashioned clothes are certainly more attractive than baggy modern ones ;)
Scanlan Darlin asked:
That is so fantastic! Beautiful detail on the finished seems
VictorianGirl93 answered:
Thanks! :D