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Created by: Dyleo England

Wedding outfit

You Can Make This

Dyleo England made Wedding outfit with:

The Essential Guide to Sewing With Sheers

Online Class

The Essential Guide to Sewing With Sheers

with Sara Alm

  • Silk Charmeuse and Silk Chiffon

Q&A with Dyleo England

GretaMarcia asked:
Very nice. In fact I love the whole ensemble
Dyleo England answered:
Oh thank you! I didnt realise that it was going online as I hadnt finished writing up. I also made the bag (another Craftsy lesson) and I realise I shouldnt have put so much stuff in there as it's bulging somewhat! Also made the necklace. It was built around the hat which I bought at a sale.
maomei619580 asked:
Excellent colour matching and fit. Thanks for sharing!
Dyleo England answered:
Thank you :)
groomerra16683839 asked:
Did you find the class easy to comprehend and then execute..... By the way Great Outfit perfect for a wedding or even walking on the beach Great Job😍😎
Dyleo England answered:
Thank you! The class was a great help and I couldn't have done this without the tips and knowledge shared. Sewing with silk chiffon was really challenging and had I not been making it for a wedding, might have given up. Glad I finished it though as it was so comfortable. The under-dress was also difficult, even though it is a very easy pattern. Both are cut on the bias and however much preparation I did, I ended up undoing many of the seams. One part of it would move so didn't get caught, then I'd sew in something that shouldn't have been. And I seemed to never learn how much concentration was needed. Not trying to put anybody off as there's no gain without the pain, is there?! :)
Julieet47 asked:
Gorgeous colors! Where did ou find the fabric?
Dyleo England answered:
Thanks, I really love this fabric. I bought both on ebay - either from seller: dressupnow in Hong Kong or 1188mall also Hong Kong I have bought from both of these and both offer some lovely stuff!