Wearable muslin (Vogue 2948)

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I cut my pants in the smallest size, size A. The waist seems to fit me fine, but there were lots of folds and lines below that needed fitting adjustment. Unfortunately I made the mistake of choosing the wrong fabric for my muslin. The fabric is actually really nice, but it ravels quite easily and the tiny houndstooth pattern made it hard to see all the marks that Ive made on them. Lesson learned! Here is my pants after the adjustments. I have shortened the length, made swayback adjustment and other fitting adjustments. The princess lines are great! They made it pretty easy to make fitting adjustments and also to understand the adjustments better. I think I might have overfitted them around the hip area because there are some horizontal lines on the front. But overall it is much better than before. This is my wearable muslin though, so I didnt make the pockets. I still need to adjust the pants to make them fit properly and comfortable before I have the real thing, but Im so glad to have joined the class. I finally feel that I understand pant fitting better now!

What you will need

  • Fabric with tiny houndstooth pattern

Q&A with Novita

10ashus asked:
Wow! You did great. Releasing the side seams for a little more circumference at the hips is an easy adjustment. I cannot wait to see your final results. Thanks for the tip about muslin fabric and seeing the marker lines.
Novita answered:
Thank you! I hope my next pair will be better!
Scheri Manson asked:
Wow that's a great looking fit. Best I have seen posted :-) I signed up for class but was going to wait to see results.....now I see this pattern can look sharp. I will be giving class a try in January.
Novita answered:
Thank you so much! I still want to make another pair and release the side seams a bit to eliminate the horizontal lines in the front. Hopefully it will work! Looking forward to see yours!

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